Ray’s Poem

Five long years, I wonder the reason.
Suffering through time, season to season.
The pain, the ache, I hate that your gone.
No questions, no answers, right or wrong.
Your mother dislikes me, she’s very
Thinks that I wronged you, I feel so used.
You and I know of the love we shared,
Now and then it didn’t matter, who cared.
You were so right and I miss you so much,
Your love and laughter, kisses and touch.
You always gave me that kiss goodbye,
You said it mattered, in case you die.
I miss your eyes, so pale of blue,
I miss the better side of you.
The bond we shared will never be broken,
Words and promises all were spoken.
I know you’re gone yet I still feel you,
In every thought, in all I do.
Something that will never leave me.
A love shared in time so briefly.

Patricia Cree Aiken      9-27-05