Art Gallery - Patricia Cree Aiken
Wizards Wish
Collection Queen
Unicorn Meadow
Fairy Playtime
Flower Fairies
These are my original paintings . I painted them using acrylics and oils. They are copy-righted...Do not duplicate in any form, No tubes or
tags unless you obtain written permission by me. No use on websites as they are not public domain. If you want to use them
contact me.
Web Pixies Attic
Mermaids Cavern
Country Roads
The Dragons Dreams
See Saw Fairies
Melissa's Tea Party
Waterfall Fairy
Mushroom Fairy
Never Sit In A
Mushroom Circle
Pink Fairies Set
The Night Fairy
The Fairy Root Village
Blue Mood
Sea Girls
Indian Summer
First Painting from
High School    B+
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Dans Dragons
Jerry Garcia
Oh Good Lord
Seasons of Life
The Sagefairy