Paper Folding Fortune Tellers
Right click and save graphic. Print out. Cut edges off, it should form a 8 in. by 8 in. square. The corner graphics should serve as your cutting guide. Fold
in half, printed side showing. Re-open. Fold the other way, printed side up. Re-open. Fold each  printed corner to blank side's center. Numbers and
Design should be on one side and fortunes on other. It should be 6 in. by 6 in. Now take fortune side and fold each fortune to center. Now you should
have a 4 in. by 4 in. square with numbers on one side and full design on other. See pictures below.  Fold in half both ways and arch designs out with
fingers. It should look like these......
After making, Ask a question. For each word you open and close each side.
Then pick a number, unfold and you have your fortune!!! Have Fun!!!