About  Jewels in the Attic

    Welcome to Jewels in the Attic.  My name is Patty Aiken and I am the  jewelry designer for JITA.   I began making jewelry 50 years ago when I was a small child. I made my first beads
    from melon seeds and organic materials available to an 10 year old. When I left home as a teen to live in Berkeley, California I began to make ceramic beads, collect beads and assemble
    jewelry.  I'm well past those college years but still love to design jewelry. I studied 2 years of metal smithing to understand the complexity of metal and stones. I love the healing
    qualities of gemstones so for me designing jewelry has two directions. To heal and to look awesome.

    I started offering sales of my jewelry online to the public in 2012. I have been collecting supplies all my life and have done some craft fairs and home parties. I understand
    the commitment to quality and fast delivery service.

    At  JITA  you will be able to discover original  handcrafted quality jewelry.  I offer beaded gemstone necklaces, gemstone bracelets, key-chains,  art pieces, earrings, anklets, dangles,
    bridal jewelry, gemstone fan / light pulls.

    All handcrafted pieces of jewelry are made with an array of stunning gemstone beads and Swarovski crystals. Durable pieces to last from generation to generation, true heirloom pieces.
     I pay attention to every detail, gem combinations and the healing aesthetics of each piece. I offer  quality handcrafted jewelry for individuals that are looking for  unique stunning pieces.
    Each piece of jewelry  is original and made in America. I use only the finest beads available  to me and all work is guaranteed to last. Any repairs are done free with the exception of
    shipping costs.

    My prices are so reasonable it will amaze you, but go compare and be sure to bookmark me to your favorites!!