Bridal Pieces

     Unique quality jewelry made from the finest materials that are constructed to last through generations.  
     Each piece is an artistically designed original,  a piece of art you will be proud to wear.  
     A variety of semi-precious gemstones are used, also used are crystals, glass and organic materials.
     Pay pal is accepted and provides you with complete privacy and security.
     You can be assured  of  prompt  mailing service.  
     Any  other  method  of  payment  you desire, please contact  me  by  email.  patriciacreeaiken@cox.net
     You may request  special  orders  as  all gemstones have different nurturing  effects  and  qualities,
           physically, spiritually and astrologically.
     Special orders will take more time and will have to be discussed by email, referring to:  size, color and stones preferred.
There is great power of healing found in gemstones. Each gemstone, metal and mineral will affect your body
and mind in various ways.
For centuries, gemstones have been used world wide for physical and mental relief
of many ailments.
After purchasing your stones you want to cleanse them in salt water, hold them and bless
them, removing any prior energy.
This is important if your using a stone in meditation, as you want to channel pure, clean energy.
I have cleansed and blessed all stone beads before creating my jewelry.                                                                                 
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Art Pieces

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Gemstone    Necklaces
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