Gemstone Art
Stunning Unique Wall Piece. Hand pounded Copper with
Carnelian and Agate Chunks,   Round Jasper Drop
14 in. long    12 in. wide
# GA 01   $ 50.00 USD
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Pounded copper cascade, with various gemstone beads hanging down.
17 inches length and 8 inches wide.
#GA 03  $  70.00    USD
Hand pounded copper spiral cascade, yellow druzy agate pendant
accented with gemstone strands cascading down.    
15 inches long and 8 in. wide.
GA 04  $ 70.00
Hand pounded small, copper cascade. All Lapis
Lazuli. 9 inches long and 5 inches wide.
#GA 05    $ 30.00
Copper Spirit wands, good for water dousing or
paranormal energy seeking. Beads assure no manipulation
of rods.