Hello there and welcome,
  I'm so pleased that you have come to check out my website. My name is Patty and on the Internet you would
know me as Web Pixie. I began my first site about fairies, they became a hobby for me. I collect them, paint them
and dedicate web sites to them.
  I purchased Paint Shop Pro 7 and very slowly I began to make fun graphics. This site is a tribute to those
graphics. It started out as a place to store the graphics I made, but eventually,  I made so many,  I opened it to the
public. I enjoy sharing my fun with others less fortunate, unable to make their own graphics. I appreciate all
suggestions as to new themes, any ideas...let me know, please.
  I have a career diploma in children's writing.  I have  completed 3 children's books, 2 young adult fantasy novels
and 1 trilogy of 3 short stories.  I have several others in the works. Praying for a publisher to say yes someday to a
query letter.
  I create anything to do with art, canvas and acrylic paints are my favorite mediums.
  I enjoy my gardening  I have a nice vegetable garden and grow all my own herbs.
  I am a hairdresser and I adore my job. Designing hair is not my true love...writing is  but I am very good at both!
My clients are like my family and have been with me through thick and thin.
  I'm a mother to two sons and a grandmother to three.
  I truly hope you enjoy exploring my site and that you find some graphics to your liking.
If you have a site and would like to link to me...that would be awesome.

                                                                 Blessings to All,    
                                                                 Patty Aiken